ASJ IT Services, LLC received a prime contract award from the SeaPort-e Contract N00178-15-D-8089 Rolling Admissions Solicitation N00178-14-R-4000 on Tuesday, April 14, 2015.


ASJ IT Services and our team members are qualified to offer Engineering, Technical and Program Support Services to Zones 2 and 3 under the SeaPort Enhanced Multiple Award Contract.


  • Customer Satisfaction POC: Arizone H. Brown 757-277-3864

  • Company POC: Arizone H. Brown 757-277-3864

  • Quality Asurance Program POC: James Jackson 478-397-6470



SeaPort-e Prime Task Orders:


ASJ IT Services, LLC received a subcontract award on a CAAS IV Contract Task Order to providing Program and Financial Management Support to the United States Air Force, Air Combat Command


ASJ IT Services, LLC is an IDIQ subcontract team member with Leidos, Inc. for Analytical, Engineering, and Project/Program Management support for The Joint Staff J6 C4/Cyber and the DD C5I

  • Systems Engineering Mid-Atlantic Contractors (S.E.M.A.C)

  • Automation Precision Technology, LLC (APT)

  • SOCOM Information Technology Incorporated

  • Techniques Solutions, Incorporated

  • Information Technology Solutions & Security, Inc 

ASJ IT Services, LLC takes a quality management approach which ensures that we provide the SEAPORT E customers with top service, meet schedules and cost performance factors.  ASJ ITS will be working together with a common Program Management Team as defined by the statement of work for each of the proposals submitted for the Seaport-e contract, a web-based application for sharing data for geographically separated team members; and drive quality products and support through a tailored, cost-effective, Quality Controlled/Quality Assurance (QC/QA) program.


Our quality management approach includes customer feedback, planning, personnel reviews/ evaluations and recognition. ASJ ITS strive for continuous business process improvement that persistently elevates core processes to a higher standard. In pursuit of this goal, we will develop a Continuous Process Improvement Plan (CPIP), using aspects of Lean process management and Six Sigma analytics. At ASJ ITS we not only highlight best practices but will move beyond to force changes in the paradigm of routine, day-to-day work practices. Rather than think about what has always been done a certain way, we think about what could be done differently instead to save time, reduce cost, and improve results. We will focus on our CPIP internally for all complex procedures in every corner of ASJ ITS to improve customer support, cost effectiveness, and technical approaches for the benefit of our customers. 


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