ASJ Solutions (ASJ) currently provides our Department of Defense (DoD) customers exceptional management of Logistics Services, Exercise Support and Program/Strategic Management contracts, and more. Please feel free to reach out for more details regarding our past performance and capabilities. 

IDIQ Contracts

  • SeaPort NXG

Team Members

  • Phoenix Group of Virginia, Inc.



  • Automation Precision Technology, LLC (APT)

  • TANCS, LLC (formally: Trinity Tek Unlimited)

Quality Management Approach

Our Quality Management Approach 

ASJ Solutions takes a quality management approach which ensures that we provide the SEAPORT E customers with top service, meet schedules, and cost performance factors.  ASJ Solutions will be working together with a common Program Management Team as defined by the statement of work for each of the proposals submitted for the Seaport-e-contract, a web-based application for sharing data for geographically separated team members; and drive quality products and support through a tailored, cost-effective, Quality Controlled/Quality Assurance (QC/QA) program.


Our quality management approach includes customer feedback, planning, personnel reviews / evaluations, and recognition.  ASJ Solutions strive for continuous business process improvement that persistently elevates core processes to a higher standard. In pursuit of this goal, we will develop a Continuous Process Improvement Plan (CPIP), using aspects of Lean process management and Six Sigma analytics.  At ASJ Solutions we not only highlight best practices but will move beyond to force changes in the paradigm of routine, day-to-day work practices.  Rather than think about what has always been done a certain way, we think about what could be done differently instead to save time, reduce cost, and improve results.  We will focus on our CPIP internally for all complex procedures in every corner of ASJ Solutions to improve customer support, cost-effectiveness, and technical approaches for the benefit of our customers.