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ASJ Hire Vets Now Fellowship Program Graduates 2021 | DoD SkillBridge

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

In photo: ASJ Intern Graduates 2021, Ethan Navarrete, Lucas Gallo, Christine Jones, Carl Johnson, Jr., and Lenin Vang (from top left to right bottom). No photo present: Beverly Freeman and Anthony Brown, ASJ's additional graduates in 2021.

About: 'ASJ's Enriched Graduation Celebration' is a celebration of our intern's accomplishments and next steps toward their future growth goals. We enjoy the feedback each shares with fellow and future interns regarding what they gained from their experiences and how it enriched them. ASJ celebrates their success and newfound relationships.

Carl shared with future interns, "NETWORKING is a real thing. Throughout your time as an ASJ intern, Mrs. Brown will introduce you to a multitude of people in different industries...Be sure to inform them what you want to do, ask them questions, and get their contact information for future questions that may arise. Her network is strong and informative!"

Below is a short video clip of ASJ's first intern, Ethan Navarrete, describing his expereince with ASJ's SkillBridge internship.


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